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Rules! Please READ FIRST!

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Rules! Please READ FIRST! Empty Rules! Please READ FIRST!

Post  Admin on Thu Aug 25, 2011 3:23 pm

Hello my darlings! You're just in time for tea and crumpets. Do you like to RP? Would you like more practice for your writing? Are you interested in different story lines and interesting communities for you and your Muse? Well, you've come to the right AU RP.

This RP takes place in Victorian England - with a supernatural twist. Victorian England was crawling with stories and tales of ghosts and vampires and werewolves. There was much lore about the supernatural. Demons as well. There was also a rise in serial killers. Many deranged men and women. Stealthy enough not to get caught but to definitely leave their mark. Murder and crime was well known. Poison was the most common way to kill someone. Men and women both did it... Could you be one of the interesting ones in the Victorian England community to be of supernatural lore or a killer on every news page? Not only your every day Muse is allowed here. It is an open RP to any Muses from all walks of life. We are not centered on any one type of person here. Asian, American, European, etc! Yaoi, yuri and het welcome! This is a very involved RP so the rules are as follows:

1. First of all only as many Muses per Mun in the community AS YOU CAN HANDLE. [This may change to a lesser amount if there is much more attraction] And you MUST create a separate account for all Muses!

2. Second, all posts must be in story format. Quality over quantity, though. A shorter post with a lot to respond to is better than a forced, longer entry with nothing to respond to. Reply to threads how you would wish to be replied to and don't be afraid to ask for help!

3. Be open to new ideas and new pairings and new types of threads! Broaden your horizons. Keep an open mind! We're here to have fun and work on our writing and we won't be refining any writing skills or anything like that without keeping an open mind!

4. Be friendly and encouraging to other Muns in the community. We're here for the same reason so be sure to keep all Mun related issues between Muns and Muse related issues to Muses. Try to be drama free! We want this to be a fun and inviting environment so let's try to keep it civilized.

5. Be creative when it comes to your Muses. The world is at your fingertips. Creativity flows through here. This is an AU RP so there's a lot of possibilities. Let your Muse become who they are in this world. Listen to them. And always keep your Muse within his or her personality in this world. Please, if you create a Muse that begins as a possible candidate for The Asylum then please keep them as that Muse that is a possible candidate for The Asylum! If they belong in restraints then they continue to remain in restraints until they grow and become something else if that's what their path is. But please, while the Muse is going through whatever ailes them at any time let them reflect that. If your Muse has a chronic heart condition and must take a pill please remember that this heart condition is there and belongs to the Muse. Do not leave it behind. Please put crumpets and tea on the top of your application to let us know you've read the rules!

6. Resolve all issues and problems between each other outside of the community or with a Moderator but do not bring it into the community or to other Muns in the community.

7. Have fun! Be creative! Let the creative juices flow! Discover, open up new worlds. Other rules will be added as seen fit to be but for now let's keep the crap to a minimum and keep an open mind to this.

8. Remain active! Try to remain active in an RP for as long as you can and if you finish or quit one RP try to begin another! Don't be afraid to be involved in more than one!

9. No Godmodding, no powerplaying, no OOC issues brought into RP and no bitchiness. Be pleasant. We're all here for the same reason. If a scene requires character death then do make sure it is ok with the Mun of the character that will be killed. No character deaths without the OK!

10. Most of all, have fun!

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