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Post  Tsukasa on Thu Aug 25, 2011 10:12 pm

[If you're Muse is an original character then please list their face character.]

Mun Information

Name: B, Bella, October, Toby
Messenger/Email: Check other Apps
Anything Else?: I am not accountable for what this Muse does.

Muse Information

Name: Tsukasa
Band they're from/if they're an actor, etc: D'espairsray
Images: Tsukasa Vampire Count Tsukasa1oc4
Tsukasa Vampire Count Tsukasa13qc4zs6
Tsukasa Vampire Count Tsukasa05mf1qz5
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Tsukasa Vampire Count Despairsray
Tsukasa Vampire Count Despairs4
Tsukasa Vampire Count Kopievondesray
Tsukasa Vampire Count Banner
Tsukasa Vampire Count 28mwb
Tsukasa Vampire Count E7d01975
Age: Visually, 30, actually: 2,000
Job/Occupation: Tsukasa lives alone with no servants in a sprawling mansion on the outskirts of England. He lives alone there because he has been alone for the past 1,500 years. His mate he had made when he was young was killed on a vampire hunt. He managed to escape and went underground, literally, buried himself to heal from the wounds for 100 years. When he came back, he told himself he would live life alone for the rest of his years until someone managed to hunt him down and kill him. He has one servant that watches his home and his sleeping place while it is day and that is a werewolf servant whom has their own place of residence and only comes during the day and stays until sundown.
Personality: He's detached and only living in this world because he has to. He feeds on the poor and the criminals. He never takes a life that shouldn't be taken in the first place. Since losing his one mate he has vowed to himself he would not make another because he cannot bear to see another one killed. He had a lot of love that was killed when his mate was killed. Now, he's not so sure he can love again like he had once loved. He keeps to himself, he's a loner and he's quite aware of the rumors that surround him that's why he keeps his home guarded during the day by a werewolf servant. His friends are the ghosts that inhabit the cemetery. He finds comfort in being there amongst the dead because he is dead. He has not felt desire 1,400 years, not since he lost his mate and went underground to heal. He's cold and distant from humanity, not wishing to get close to anyone. He has the simple conversation every now and then with a human in the city when the time calls for it, a conversation to make him seem normal. He doesn't much go out of his way to quash rumors about himself or be close to the human race. He finds the human race much to fallible and he cannot handle getting close and losing another. His heart, what's left of it, is in broken pieces.
A Little History/Background: Tsukasa was not born a vampire, he was made one on a fateful night. His maker didn't stay around long to explain life as a vampire to him but he figured it out on his own. He was once a smiling, happy man but now he rarely smiles. He used to have hopes for a family and everything that a man dreams of but those dreams were broken the night he was made into a vampire. His sanity, he feels, is hanging by a simple thread.
Show Me What You Can Do! A Sample Post!: Tsukasa descended the extensive steps in his home, coming to the ground level, cloak on and hood up. His pale skin practically glowed under the moonlight and he waited until he saw the carriage that was coming for him. It was one of his various visits into the city of England. The carriage stopped in front of his home and he climbed in, the door shut behind him. He looked out the window as the horse drawn carriage headed towards the city, watching everything pass by. When they hit the city, he watched with interest as the night people roamed the filthy streets. He sat, relaxed, his face as emotionless as ever as people, so easily killed and lost, were passed by like they didn't matter outside of the carriage window. His hands sat folded in his lap, fingers tapping slowly. He was on his way to one of the parties that Lord Sakurai held, one of his reluctant ventures out every week. He knew the Lord well, well enough to be called some sort of friends.

The carriage soon stopped and the door was opened and he climbed out, looking up into the sky at the clear visibility of stars and moon. He silently walked away from the carriage, seeming to float his stride was so smooth. Like always, Sakurai knew when Tsukasa arrived and it was as soon as Tsukasa approached the door that it was opened by the very werewolf Lord himself. Tsukasa's lips quirked up at the corner and he shook hands with Sakurai, exchanging quiet words. He didn't have much to say. He was still in mourning. Sakurai had known him for many years and the only reason why Tsukasa ventured out to Sakurai's debauched parties was to keep the other lonely man company. They would sit and talk, quiet amongst themselves while those Sakurai entertained entertained themselves with his servants and their own. Sakurai's home was full of lechery.

"Tell me again, Sakurai, why you even meddle in this business?" Tsukasa murmured as he walked in to see the states of undress of some of the individuals that were in Sakurai's home for his weekly festivities. It was not always the same people but often than not it was. Sakurai chuckled and clapped his hand on Tsukasa's shoulder.

"It beats spending an eternity in solitude, my friend," Sakurai only said, leading Tsukasa inside and to the great hall where the dining table was and more humans were found in different states of undress and games.

"I suppose."

Anything that should be noted specifically about your Muse: Tsukasa's heart is a hard one to win over. He is so detached from everything, from emotion, feeling; everything. He does not currently seek for a companion but he knows he will find one with time whether he wishes to or not.

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Post  Sakurai on Fri Aug 26, 2011 12:22 pm

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bow down in position against the polished steel
this is something different you'll like the way this feels
no time for asking questions no time for wondering
we've heard enough from you now we've heard everything
we're going to play a new game you'll put on this blindfold
you'll do what we tell you you'll do as your told

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