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Post  Dion Valamere on Fri Aug 26, 2011 8:48 am

'Crumpets & tea.'

Mun Information

Name: Satan
Messenger/Email: None
Anything Else?: Use big font when posting with me. Noe neon or bright blinding sharp colors. I have a PLOT with this muse. it is not a meet and fuck character. but in fact something I had worked on recently upon being let on the forum early. I can post up to 4k if need be. I can be very descriptive or very easy depending on what the other player wants or needs. I am flexible.

Muse Information

Name: Doctor Dion Valamere'

Band they're from/if they're an actor, etc: Jeremy Dufour (Model)

Dion Valamere' - Home Visit Doctor Dufour115

Age: 32

A Doctor, Middle class, A Home visit Doctor is seen seven days of the week. He is usually busy from 9a.m. 'til 8p.m. He has no children nor wife, but he does have a assistant named 'Maribelle' that helps him as his assistant.

A highly educated man above his years. Interested solely in the works of man and medicine. His logic is that if science and medicine can cure it, then it is a possibility for a cure for many things. Dion can be classified as an entirely different kind of being. Due to his German back ground his relation and social in Devers lay him anti-social and a person that does not get along with others as much. He does have a small spot for women and children however. But his anger can be seen when it comes. He can be an absolute clown when it comes to children, having none of his own he tries to make his children patients better anyway he can. However when and if he is angered he can bring about anything he wants including a tongue lashing you may not have expected from such a massive man. He seems to not care about anything and uses his own conscious decisions and logic to get through many things. His lack of compassion for the world around him astounds many.

A Little History/Background:
Licht Van Hemel was born in Dusseldorf Germany. The area was in fact a small place his mother and father worked hard together to maintain. His mother an at home mom that dwelled in medicine and his father a call to visit Doctor. He had no brothers or sisters as his mother grew ill and weaker with age. Because of this, this lead Dion’s father to work harder in trying to cure his ill wife with medicine. But nothing worked and she soon died of pneumonia when Licht was ten. His father was grief ridden and so he packed his things and took his son to America with him. But because at this time the Americas were not allowing foreigners into the boundries of the states Licht’s father changes his name to Dion Valamere’, picking the simple name tag off a set of luggage and did the same for himself. Saying that he had papers to be there.

Somehow it was believed even though the man had a horrid English speaking skills and the officer could care less. Now, having a new start Dion were sent to school to learn English and the more medicines he could. The child as he grew up dipped and dabbed into anything at all and everything he could to try and gain as much medical knowledge as humanly possible. But as Dion got older, so did his father. And the normal rules of never telling anyone their real names. Dion never broke such an easy rule. And nor did his father.

When Dion turned twenty-three he had already become a Doctors assistant himself. But his father retired and allowed his son to do many things for him. However, Dion lived like everyone else just with a job as a doctor. He was very careful when it came to hygiene and even more careful when it came to his patients. After a few more years he was awarded his Doctorial position, but only in England. He could not pass up the opportunity to go through the medical field and school of Bartalamule Medical institution. He was allowed to work with patients in the hospital. After receiving his degree and becoming used to the patients there, he worked with the sickly patients here and there. As his time there grew he met a small girl by the name of Rosa. She was a charming child and had long red hair and bright gray eyes. But she was a burn victim. Her home set aflame by her Catholic father believeing she was the devil as well as her mother because he had caught his wife cheating on him. His daughter Rosa, suffered from third degree burns that littered her body, but Dion did not care. He had seen the incident in the papers. But no one knew where Rosa’s father had gone off too.

During Rosa’s stay Dion had grown attached to the small six year old. Becoming her father figure and taking her outside every so often when he knew her healing was at its best. One day, Dioon had been called for a home visit. His mind was on Rosa even as he worked on the small boy of eight years old. But he tried to pay it no mind. Something inside, like a ghastly whisper in his ears kept telling him to leave but he attended to the current sick child. When he returned to the hospital, Rosa was missing. The nurses had said her ‘father’ had come to get her and had paid for the medical bill in cash. The nurse had been so thrilled she had let Rosa’s father leave with her.

And this was the first display of Dion’s anger. Dion then beat the nurse until he broke her nose and realized what he had done. Because he knew that Rosa now was as sure as dead. He just did not know how right he was…. Dion Valamere’ was then kicked from the Medical institution and His position stripped for attacking a follow coworker. When Dion was allowed to leave the hospital he then saw in the paper they had found the crucified body of the little six year old female and she had been burned to near ashes. The killer was surely her father, and he was once again gone. The man obviously driven insane.

Dion was highly devastated. He began to withdrawn from people. And became an at home doctor on his own work schedule and pay. Every so often he will show that small spark of life, but it seemed to have left when Rosa did. The child did not deserve that. He cursed the day he had ever left the hospital and wished he had stayed, but another needed his services at the time. He still blames himself for what happened wishing he had been able to stop that event from taking place. But he will always wander what that odd voice was, that rang in his ears that day and where it had seemingly come from…

Show Me What You Can Do! A Sample Post!:

(This rp sample was taken from another forum I was on. Due to personal issues the forum is now shut down. But I can provide a link if need be.)

For many years the King had come to never touch anyone. Not even his male wife. He could not and would not do so. For his male wife was just that, a male. A man by any other needs and because of what he was, he himself could not become attached to him. Kamijo believed that in due time that Kozi was going to change and then want to lay with men. He was just not that kind of man. Kozi had once been with a real live woman one of the last in their time era. And he had loved her. But not even with all the human servants, no matter how lovely, how captivating they were, none of them were even remotely close to a real lady, a woman in any shape form or fashion. Kozi even on his wedding night had not even touched his male wife sexually. He could not. It was just like any other day to him. A chore at best. But when that day passed Kozi found himself face to face with his young son, Amor Maple. The child hated the fact his father married a full man and his cousin at that. All just to keep the blood in the family pure. Kozi told his son he had no choice and the entire family had voted it was him or Zero to marry Kamijo, and he was forced into it without a second thought or even hearing what he had to say on it. After a time Kozi just gave yup speaking to Amor about it, and just went to his own room to try and make his mind clear. But something started to brew in his mind, a tingle and feeling he had not felt in many years of his dark days.

Lust, deep hard core lust the drive and need to want to fuck so badly that even some of the more curved slaves were starting to look good to him. But still none the less, he was not that desperate. The need and feel of being that desperate did not come until the present night. The aching feeling surrounded his entire fiber of his being as he felt the need to plunge himself deep into the sweet nectar and confines of a woman. To feel small hands touch him in a manner that was only achieved by sex, mindless, meaningless fore play. Anything and everything that was taboo could not be given to him by his wife, even if he was taught all there was. A woman was highly different from any man. No matter how much they claimed they knew everything. They did not. And so Kozi took a carriage and left the castle, Hizumi at his side like a loyal demon that he was. He trusted the male’s judgment more so than anyone else in this world. Perhaps more so than Kaoru. But he rode, for what seemed to be an hour and then looked to the window, seeing the large and elegantly placed art on the whore house his dear cousin owned. Kaya had once again tried to redeem his self. He had returned to the whore house to take care of the many whores here, and that in itself made Kozi relax knowing that anyone here was a pieace of art, a work of utter perfection as close as the humans could come. This was something that eased his mind for coming here. And yet, even though he was married, he cared not to think about his male wife but more so he wanted to end the pain that twirled in him that he was not used too.

The carriage finally came to a stop. And Kozi and Hizumi were let out. And Hizumi moved before his King, and Kozi was shrouded in a hood and mantel to cloak his appearance to on lookers, but then again no one was as large nor tall as he were. Hizumi guided his King inside and when they reached the main desk and entrance Hizumi did all the speaking. The young boy at the main desk looked at Hizumi and then to Kozi that he was not sure whom he was, but seeing the Knight’s Black Rose crest on Hizumi he knew that this was something serious. The boy placed down the magazine and then stood at attention and then bowed as he spoke to the duo.

“Hello! And welcome to the Wilted Rose! How may I help you this evening?”

“I want one of your best whores, a hermph. One of the more femme looking ones.”

“Oh! Yes sir, right away. Please know that Mama Kaya is out of the Home at the moment. But he will be back shortly to help if you need him?”

“No. Just give me whoever is free and very open to all things.”

Hizumi grunted and then rolled his eyes. It seemed the desk boy was trying to make sure they knew Kaya was out. And somehow Hizumi knew that Kozi knew that Kaya was, or he would possibly not have come here. As Hizumi turned his head of dark rich ebony hair to the King he looked at him, underneath the hood was his bright glowing cerulean blue eyes seemed to peer down at him. And Kozi gave Hizumi a nod, it was a silent way of saying hurry up. Hizumi nodded back and then turned to the desk boy that was leafing through the many pages to see whom they had free. His pointer finger going down the names until he saw Sana’s.

“Ah ha! Here, I have just the one for you! ‘She’ is perfect in every way! She is one of our best! Our customers see her and always come back for more. Please right this way. Is it for the both of you or just one?” The boy looked between the two of them and then Hizumi shook his head.

“No, just him…”

“…Hm, okay well know that the prices will be due at the end of the services, make sure to issues a safe word and also to know the Soft and hrad limits of the one you are delaing with. Please do not kill, or cause harm to the face of the worker you are staying with…These are just Mama’s policy rules…”

“….Medh, gul tekra ull’ dimi con teel…”

“He says that He will pay any amount just make sure she is decent.”

The boy nodded and then led them to Sana’s room and then moved aside. He then placed his hands together and then bowed once more as he spoke a final time.

“If you need anything please look for me at the front desk. My name is Takuya. Please enjoy your stay…”

Kozi nodded to Hizumi that this was his cue to get lost and fast. Hizumi nodded one more time and then turned on his heel to head back out to go and find something to eat. Hmm, Takuya looked tasty.

Kozi looked to the door and then placed his large hands on the handles, and then slowly opened them. This Sana must be something wonderful to even call herself a ‘she’. Not many here would even dream of degrading themselves for such a thing. And yet she did so anyway. Kozi had to bend at the waist in order to enter the room and when he did so he then looked around, stopping as he saw the lovely creature on the massive bed. He stood up right and then watched her from underneath the hood. He had not even seen her fully and he was already starting to like her. The only woman he had seen was his late wife. And now, he saw something so close to her. He did not even know where to begin. His near dead heart pounded in his chest that he knew that she would be able to hear. Her scent… She was a human but he smelled something stronger with her… Something that was like a dream to him. The musk of a real woman. The smell of her heat giving off, that scent that creature, that woman… He wanted to see her fully.

“Stand up…”

Anything that should be noted specifically about your Muse:
No, he just wears glasses and speaks with a German accent.
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bow down in position against the polished steel
this is something different you'll like the way this feels
no time for asking questions no time for wondering
we've heard enough from you now we've heard everything
we're going to play a new game you'll put on this blindfold
you'll do what we tell you you'll do as your told

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