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Wandering The Shops, Looking For Something to Catch His Eye [Open]

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Wandering The Shops, Looking For Something to Catch His Eye [Open]

Post  Sakurai on Fri Aug 26, 2011 12:54 pm

Sakurai wandered through the streets, stepping in and out of shops. His eyes, cunning, dark and sharp, were constantly flickering over people he encountered, passed, met, spoke with. He was always on the look out for more to add to his collection of beautiful servants, entertainers when he held his parties. He was constantly looking for a gem, a diamond in the rough, and he continuously seemed to find such things. He had a home filled with beautiful young men and women, all servants, all there for entertainment when his parties were held, all enjoyed by his guests. Accompanying him was one, a darling young girl, small and blond and not from England. A beauty he had rescued from some predatory gents looking to rough a young, foreign woman up, a blond with blue eyes clearer than the sky. She walked beside him, doing as he asked when he asked. She was a faithful servant with gratitude for Sakurai saving her and taking her in. He was satisfied with her company, with her service. He had taught her how to speak proper English in the extent of time he had her by his side. He had the young woman dressed in the finest of ways, in his humble opinion, how he wished for her to dress despite it being against the fashion of honorable women of the time. He did not mind that, in fact he encouraged it.

He perused, browsed, purchased every now and then, consistently looking for something fresh and new. He had no ideas what he was searching for but he always knew what it was when he found it, when he laid his eyes on it. He ushered Kerli along but not before stopping inside of a new store, a store with some of the finest clothing and even some of the best foreign pieces of clothing. He perused, ordering Kerli to look through the samples, his eyes flickering away and around as she looked. He had brought her alone not just to serve him but also to find something new to be made for her. She was one of his favorite servants.

As he awaited her to make a decision, his eyes spotted someone on the street and he shifted, leaning on the cane he had to look out the window. They were intriguing to look at, quite beautiful and he had most of his mind set on stopping them to talk, thrill flowing through him when they came into the very store he was in. He watched them closely, listening to Kerli at the same time. Yes, he knew he had found what he was looking for.


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