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Kerli The Wayward Girl Saved and Serving Sakurai as Lead Servant

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Kerli The Wayward Girl Saved and Serving Sakurai as Lead Servant

Post  Kerli on Fri Aug 26, 2011 3:18 pm

Mun Information

Name: B, Bella, October, Toby
Messenger/Email: Check other Apps
Anything Else?: Sakurai has to have his lead servant

Muse Information

Name: Kerli
Band they're from/if they're an actor, etc: Kerli, musician

Age: 19
Job/Occupation: Sakurai's best and lead servant. She serves him and his guests. She is practically flesh to be had, to be taken at hsi parties. She is his doll, his pet, his moon child. She is a lady of the night so he feels comfortable with her. She is taken by the full moon, it drives her wild, so she fits in his household perfectly.
Personality: Kerli is not like other Victorian girls at all. Sakurai feeds into her desire to be different. He has her clothing modified to fit her personality and her choices. She loves the corsets but hates the long skirts. She loves her boots to be higher than other Victorian women's so Sakurai has hers specially made. Everything about her is not of this world. She is his highest most valued servant. She is there to please and serve and she does so on every whim. Sakurai is very proud to have her in his household. She is giving but not too giving. Her nature is wild. Sakurai saved her from a life in The Asylum for prostitution on the street when she was just 16. She has lived in his sprawling estate since then, serving him well and serving him gratuitously. She serves all who enter into his home, his friends, those who are invited to his parties. She is like his very own Courtesan. She minds not what her life has brought her. In fact, she is happier than she's ever been with her position.
A Little History/Background: Kerli left her parents' home when she was 14 for a life on the streets as a beggar and a prostitute. It was the only way she knew to get by. She desired not to live with her parents any longer because she did not desire to be married away on their own whim. Her parents have cut her off since she has run away. When she was 16, Sakurai found her and saw the beauty in her and took her in and taught her how to serve him. She embraced his lifestyle as her own. She can often be found by his side or handling his business for him. She is most loyal and is loyal to anyone who befriends her or helps her out, Sakurai being number one.
Show Me What You Can Do! A Sample Post!: Kerli walked with Sakurai, keeping her steps in rhythm with his. Each order spoken to her was carried out with full cooperation. She desired to make him happy and serve him well and nothing else. The dress shop was used to them coming in with strange orders and customizations to the styles they carried and into it they went. Sakurai let Kerli handle the customizations, speaking to the dress maker herself. She was the only servant he allowed to speak on her own.

"Yes, the skirt is to be short, like this one," Kerli said, pointing to the full short bustle skirt she wore. "The corset is to be adorned with jewels, shiny jewels," She said, smiling. "I want the colors to be black and white," She added, looking at the dress maker with an arched brow. "Do you understand?" Though she spoke perfect English, thanks to Sakurai's teaching, her foreign accent mottled some of her words and made her hard to understand.

Once she was satisfied the dress maker knew her customizations she returned to Sakurai's side. "Master," She said softly, bowing her head. "The new dress should be ready within a week's time, just in time for your next party. Shall I wear it for your guests?" She asked with a smile and Sakurai chuckled, petting her on the head. She was quite short which is why she liked her boots to be higher than other women's.

"Yes, my darling, that should be lovely. I can't wait to see you in it," He said and Kerli smiled, looking over at the dress maker before they made their way out of the shop.

Anything that should be noted specifically about your Muse: Kerli is what Sakurai has deemed a Moonchild. He adores her love for the night and notices her fascination and cycling with the moon. During a full moon instead of turning into a wolf like him, she goes wild, needing so many things to satiate her. Thus, her nickname has become Moonchild.

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Re: Kerli The Wayward Girl Saved and Serving Sakurai as Lead Servant

Post  Sakurai on Fri Aug 26, 2011 3:21 pm

bow down in position against the polished steel
this is something different you'll like the way this feels
no time for asking questions no time for wondering
we've heard enough from you now we've heard everything
we're going to play a new game you'll put on this blindfold
you'll do what we tell you you'll do as your told


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