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Taking Refuge in a Place of Comfort [Open]

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Taking Refuge in a Place of Comfort [Open]

Post  Tsukasa on Fri Aug 26, 2011 5:23 pm

Tsukasa loved the cemetery. He knew he was not the only one. He often saw the man, Satoshi. a man of upper class society, there and he knew why. He saw why when he watched, unseen from where he stood. He was a calm man but he could not support the other man's actions. He felt best when the cemetery was empty of him. The spirits there, the ghosts, they felt comfortable speaking to him. They would often speak of what the man Satoshi had done to their bodies and how outraged they were. They often tried to intervene but nothing could be done. Tsukasa especially loved the newly dead. They didn't know that they were dead and he would talk to them, explain things to them and find out what had happened to them to give them some sort of peace. He felt it was his job to keep the spirits and their bodies safe in the cemetery but he did not want to interfere with Satoshi. The man was a monster but so was he, a vampire, forlorn and lost and alone in an abysmal solemn life. He didn't want to reveal what he was to Satoshi for fear of what the other man would do; out him, get him hunted down and potentially killed or injured in such a way that he would have to go underground for healing for another 100 years.

He wandered, hands stroking the smooth slabs of stone that served as head stones to the graves. He saw two ghosts ahead, arguing and he tilted his head, heading their direction. "What ever could you be arguing about in this after life?" He asked, startling the ghosts; something he found to be quite funny and a sort of smile etched onto his face at that.

"This man said he loved me in life and I found him fooling around with another! It's his fault I'm dead and now he comes here and tries to make peace with me, telling me what I saw was not what I saw and is trying to make me understand I took my life for nothing!" The woman said, angered. Tsukasa could feel her anger.

"I am only trying to get her to understand that I was not with someone else. She was gravely mistaken. I was simply asking for advice on how to ask her hand in marriage and was practicing with a friend," The ghost turned from Tsukasa. "She was just a friend! I was trying to make sure everything would be perfect! Now it's your fault I'm here because I couldn't live without you..." Tsukasa shook his head and chose to continue on, leaving the two arguing ghosts behind. He had no patience for that. It was their afterlife, they had to sort out what happened to them themselves, Tsukasa could not help. He found a tomb and sat on the steps, long legs stretched out before him. Cemeteries. He found so much comfort here and how could he explain that to anyone but his friend Sakurai, a man who knew him enough to know why he haunted these places.

Tsukasa heard a sound and he could tell at once it was not a ghost. He looked up, eyes scanning the surroundings to see if he could make out whom or what it was that was intruding on his peace. Brows furrowed and he stood, not able to see anything or anyone just yet. When he did, he arched a brow, trying to understand why they would be in the cemetery in the first place. He, he had his reasons but why would anyone else want to be there except for that madman Satoshi?

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