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Breathe no more... (Anamone)

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Breathe no more... (Anamone)

Post  Zect Miyawaki on Fri Aug 26, 2011 5:34 pm

The male moved to toss the bale of hay on to the carriage. His body littered with tattoos and marks on his skin. His tanned flesh gleamed with droplets of sweat sliding off his clear skin. His gloved hands grabbed the thin ropes of another bale and then tossed it to on to the carriage as well. The male with raven hair moved to wipe the sweat from his skin as he watched a woman and her children carry milk over in pales to the carriage. He did not know the family well, but the woman’s small child looked like his own daughter in another time he had lived as a man with no true goals. Now however the mother was kind to him and offered him a place to stay all if he worked off what was due to the family, which is what he was doing now. Her husband however did not seem to like him much. In fact he and his eldest son did not like Zect hanging around their child period.

Zect watched the father and son ride off with the supplies they were to sell in the city. He himself turned just in time to see the small girl hold out a class of fresh squeezed lemonade. His eyes widen at the sudden drink but he nodded to the kid and took it from her small chubby hands. He tilted his head back and sipped the drink and his eyes shut tight as he tasted the bitterness. The cold sweat rolling off the glass slipped down his toned chest while he moved to down all the drink and its ice.

"Thanks kid..."

"You are welcome..."


Zect Miyawaki

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Re: Breathe no more... (Anamone)

Post  Anamone on Fri Aug 26, 2011 6:20 pm

In a poplular boutique in the city, a upper class woman by the name of Anamone had been working hard all day. Looking at the clock she smiled when her break came. The temperature was not to ad out so she decided to wear a red corset top and black silk skirt. Walking out her boutique she locked it up and went for a ride. Growing curious as to what was out there went riding on her motor scooter through the city and into the open here there were lots of open space and farms.Perhaps she would picnic up there.


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