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Wandering The Park Alone, Looking For Company [Open]

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Wandering The Park Alone, Looking For Company [Open]

Post  Sana on Sat Aug 27, 2011 2:43 pm


Sana rolled her eyes at the timid slave lacing her into her corset and she gripped the bedpost harder and huffed. "Pull harder," She ordered, scowling. "Is this your first time lacing a corset, woman?" She asked, obviously annoyed. The servant girl pulled harder and Sana smiled. "Yes, just like that," She said. "Now a couple more times. Make sure it's really good and tight," She ordered, bracing herself for the next few pulls, cinching her in tightly. Her breasts were pushed up high, her waist tucked in neatly and tiny, her hips accentuated by the flare of the corset. She waited for the servant girl to tie the corset before walking over to the mirror to peer into it. "Yes, perfect," She said, smoothing her hands over the skirt she wore. She licked her red lips and went to her vanity, opening a drawer. She pulled out a necklace and earrings and as she looked over at the servant girl she began putting the earrings on. "Help me with the necklace," She ordered, turning so the woman could put the necklace on her. It fit perfectly, dangling into her cleavage perfectly. She knew her mother and father would stroke out seeing how she was dressed, bare and not covered up but this was how Sana preferred it. Lastly, she pulled out gloves from another drawer in her vanity and slipped them on, smiling at her new reflection. Her face was powdered perfectly, pale and beautiful, smoky eyes looking back at her with ruby red lips. She then turned and ushered the servant girl out.

"I know you're new," She said as she ushered the woman to the door. "But as far as you know I am in here," She said, looking at the girl. "As far as you know, I've been in here and you don't know what has happened to me. Now, go on. I think my sister may need someone to wait on her," She smirked and shut the door in the servant girl's face before going to her window. It was always risky climbing out of the window and into the tree that had a large thick branch just at the right height and right angle that she could shimmy down, the rest of the branches letting her get herself down with ease. She worked carefully so as not to rip or tear anything. The last thing she wanted to do was ruin her clothing. Her clothing was one of her most prized possessions. She was always careful with it. Finally, she jumped to the ground, landing on her feet and leaning back against the tree to catch her breath. She sighed, flipped her hair and set off across the street, heading to the park. She just had to get away, get some air, find someone to enjoy herself with.

Once at the park, she settled her fast walk to a slow stroll, looking around at all the people that milled about. Many knew her and greeted her and she returned their greetings with a smile but had no desire to talk to any of them. She wanted to go into the lower class areas but she wasn't sure where she wanted to go yet. She wanted a companion first and she often found one at the park, lower class even. They came to enjoy the park, read, do their artistry and she found a bench and parked herself there, looking around, searching for someone to join up with, introduce herself to. She was just glad she was free from her prison at home.

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