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The Killer Taking in a Show [Open]

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The Killer Taking in a Show [Open]

Post  Satoshi on Sat Aug 27, 2011 3:43 pm

Satoshi was sitting in the box with other members of upper class society. They had invited him to the theatre and he, a man who never turned down such an invitation, had obliged. He watched the actors on the stage in between watching the guests below him. His eye was always on a look-out for his next victim. If there was anything anyone could say he loved it was the chase, the game of cat and mouse that led to victimization. The victim toyed with, played with like some fallible thing, changing into the beauty he could see in them. Blood, bone, meat. He was an odd collector of bones and other such things and he kept it hidden in a hidden room in his home. He never loved anyone except his victims. They were each perfect in their own way. He loved their cries for help, for him to stop, he loved their screams of pain, of agony while he tortured them. He became distracted, staring at the crowd instead of at the stage when one of the men whom had invited him nudged him.

"Satoshi, are you alright?" The man asked and Satoshi snapped his attention to him, brow arching.

"Yes, yes. I was," He paused for a moment before continuing. "Lost in thought. It's a good play is it not?" He asked, turning his attention back to the stage. They knew he was a strange man, everyone knew that, he was peculiar. No one questioned it, they simply respected him as he was and gave him his privacy and that's all he could ask for. He smirked to himself, watching the play unfold, enjoying himself but he would be enjoying himself much more later. He knew it. He would find someone, someone to play his games with.

What he wasn't expecting was what happened after the drama was over and he was leaving, approached by someone, someone that he didn't single out....

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