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[All Invited] Sakurai's Much Fun Party

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[All Invited] Sakurai's Much Fun Party

Post  Kerli on Sat Aug 27, 2011 4:00 pm

Kerli's modified Victorian Style

Kerli smiled at her Master as she finished lacing up his boots. "Master, will tonight's party be a good one?" She asked softly, sweetly, with her foreign accented voice. Sakurai chuckled and pet her on the head before taking her hands and pulling her to stand as he stood.

"Darling Kerli, I don't imagine that it will be a bore," He said quietly, eyes flickering over her. "You look magnificent. Is that your newly ordered alterations?" He asked, spinning her around. She grinned wide and nodded.

"Yes, Sire, it is. And I must thank you for purchasing it for me. I would never have the chance to look this good if it wasn't for you," She said, hugging Sakurai affectionately. The elder man rubbed her back and then released her, moving to look in the mirror. He never dressed like the other men - always in soft worn leather pants, boots and a nice black button down with a red and black vest over it, time clock hanging in the vest. Leather pants were always in his fashion. Kerli stood behind him, almost as tall as him in her modified shoes. Sakurai looked at her in the mirror, smirking.

"You've done good once again, Kerli. I should let you pick out all of my clothing. What would I do without?" He chuckled and Kerli giggled behind her hand, blushing.

"Sire, I'm not sure but I suppose you'd be hopeless but you'd have JoJo, he's just as good," She said with a nod, blond hair swaying and Sakurai chuckled, shaking his head as he looked at her.

"JoJo..." He trailed off in thought. "Where is he anyway?"

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Re: [All Invited] Sakurai's Much Fun Party

Post  JoJo on Sat Aug 27, 2011 4:29 pm


As if waiting for his name to be called, JoJo burst into the room, laughing as he did so. He closed the door behind himself and looked over at Sakurai and Kerli. "Sir," JoJo began once his laughter died down. "Your guests have begun to arrive and let me tell you," He said, pushing off of the door. "They're very eager ... Well some of them," He said, walking towards them. "Kerli, you've dressed our Master again?" He asked, brow arching. Kerli smiled, brushing her hands over Sakurai's shoulders and adjusting his vest.

"Yes, JoJo, of course. You know Master can't dress himself properly. If he was allowed you know Master would wander simply in his beloved leather pants or worse yet, nude," She said with a laugh and Sakurai couldn't help but smile at the both of them. JoJo looked pretty himself, pretty blond hair in curls, cascading down over his shoulders in waves, smoky eyes and a gentle hue of rose red on his lips. He was dressed in such a cute manner that Sakurai couldn't help motioning him over. JoJo walked over, smiling and Sakurai kissed his forehead. JoJo grinned and looked up at his Master.

"What was that for, sir?" He asked, brow arching and Sakurai chuckled, rolling a wavy ringlet around his finger.

"For being so darling. Now, shall we?" He asked, looking from JoJo to Kerli. "We have guests to entertain. Hopefully the other servants have been doing a good job. You didn't leave anyone hanging did you JoJo?" He asked and JoJo giggled softly.

"Umm, maybe?" He said, eyes twinkling with mischief. Sakurai chuckled and moved to the door with his two blond haired blue eyed servants, feeling confident the night would be filled with fun.

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