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Locking Up And Leaving, Meeting on The Street? [Open]

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Locking Up And Leaving, Meeting on The Street? [Open]

Post  Emilie Autumn on Sat Aug 27, 2011 4:57 pm

Emilie hummed to herself, one of her own songs she played on the violin and harpsichord. She gathered up all she would need before leaving her home, locking the door behind her. She descended the steps to the street and headed on her way, her point of interest the Theatre. If she didn't hurry, she would be late and wouldn't have enough time to get completely ready for the show she was putting on. She held her long skirts up in her hand, mismatched stockings visible as she walked, her long unnaturally colored hair down and swaying around her as she walked. This was home to her, the Victorian streets welcoming her. It was odd, she had the tendency to meet new people everywhere she went. She did not mind it, not one bit, in fact she loved it. It gave her a chance to let more people know about her and her performances. She was currently looking for co-performers, other women and kin to women to perform on the stage with her, her theatrical musical performance needing some variety. She knew she was an oddly pretty woman but she knew that people would get bored of just watching her perform on stage alone. She wanted more flare to her show. She was lucky enough to even have her own show actually so she wanted to be sure it was the best it could be.

"Oh, excuse me," She said softly, her mind finally coming to the present just in time to stop herself from knocking into someone on the street. She ducked her head in an almost bashful manner and went around only to hear them following her. She looked over her shoulder, brow arched. She did have the tendency to attract strangers. "Do you recognize me from the show at the theatre?" She asked with a proud smile. "Or do you just like to follow pretty women?" She joked, her fingers sliding beneath the garter holding up her stockings to wrap around the pretty blade hidden there in case she needed it. There was no telling on these streets.
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