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Handling Guests at the Opium Den [Open]

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Handling Guests at the Opium Den [Open]

Post  Shou on Sun Aug 28, 2011 1:05 pm


Shou leaned against the counter in the front room, chin propped in palm of his hand with his elbow resting on the counter top. He was awaiting guests for the opium den. He was in the upper class location and he already had several groups in back, he just wanted more guests. It gave him something to do. A book lay propped open in front of him though he had read the very same page and paragraph over and over several times already. It wasn't helping his boredom. He had half a mind to get one of his workers to take the front counter so he could go and find some company, have conversation and enjoy himself. Sometimes working the Opium dens was boring and at other times exciting but it was his family's business and he had no mind of turning it away. He chewed on his bottom lip, eyes flickering from the book he could not concentrate on to the door.

As if on cue, someone entered and he straightened up quickly, a smile plastered across his lips. "Hello and welcome," He said, his soft voice barely audible but the man whom had entered heard him. Shou came from around the counter, hands clasped in front of him politely. "What can I help you with?" He asked, tilting his head slightly. The man was handsome and he was used to seeing handsome men in his locations but this one was different. He awaited the man's answer, awaited his request. It was Shou's job to wait on his guests hand and foot, to bend over backwards for them to enjoy themselves.

"If you're looking for new flavors, new exotic dreams you've come to the right place," He offered, smiling sweetly. "I've got quite a collection of various flavors, exotic from around the world. They'll do very good no matter what it is you're looking for," He added. clown

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