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Open Wide, Look Inside, Prayers Lost in Flight [Open]

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Open Wide, Look Inside, Prayers Lost in Flight [Open]

Post  Wataru on Sun Aug 28, 2011 1:34 pm

Wataru hummed, dark black eyes shimmering as he looked up at the church looming up before him. He wondered if he would find his brother there, the angel, the one whom hadn't fallen from grace. He tapped fingers against his lips in thought, long nails touching his skin, black nails. With a smirk, he propelled forward towards the church doors. He appeared as just another man attending services but he was more than that. He opened the doors, eyes flickering around as he entered. Instead he turned left and decided to explore what was in the church. He wanted to find his brother but better yet he wanted to find something, anything, to fuel him, to give him power. He found that the innocent, the pure, fueled him more than those already dirty. The church was the perfect place to look for someone to fuel him, to feed off of their lust and eventually their blood. He smirked to himself as he walked, admiring the beauty of the church. He had been locked up so long that he was still getting used to the world as it was now. The churches had changed so much.

He turned a corner and laid eyes on someone and he could feel purity, that god fearing feeling emanating off of them. He approached and circled them, eyes looking them up and down. They seemed confused by his presence and what he was doing there. Of course he was a stranger to everyone. He licked his lips and locked them between him and the wall.

"Don't fret that pretty mind," He whispered, leaning in close. He inhaled deeply and their smell gave him shivers. "You want to do as I say," He murmured, looking them in the eyes, his eyes transfixing them, controlling them, hypnotizing them. He wanted to feed so badly, he wanted to suck the lust right from them. A dangerous smirk spread over his lips. "You want to do as I say," He repeated, his eyes sucking them right in.

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