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The Application.

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The Application.

Post  Admin on Thu Aug 25, 2011 3:55 pm

Copy/paste and fill out the application! There are two application version, it's up to you which to choose. This is the first: A copy/paste application.

[If you're Muse is an original character then please list their face character.]

Mun Information

Anything Else?:

Muse Information

Band they're from/if they're an actor, etc:
Job/Occupation: (If your Muse is over higher class then simply explain what they do to fill their days or something affiliated with the idea of something that occupies them)
A Little History/Background:
Show Me What You Can Do! A Sample Post!:

This is important!!!!
Anything that should be noted specifically about your Muse:

The second application:

Free-form writing application. Include all of the above necessary important facts about your Muse and you may write it in first (preferably) or third person. This not only gives is what we need to know about your Muse but it also gives us more insight into whom the Muse is themselves! It's very interesting.

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