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Hibiki Werewolf Lower Class Bloke

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Hibiki Werewolf Lower Class Bloke

Post  Hibiki on Thu Aug 25, 2011 7:22 pm

Mun Information

Name: B, Bella, October, Toby
Messenger/Email: Check other APPS
Anything Else?: Like Sakurai. I have no excuses for this Muses.

Muse Information

Name: Hibiki
Band they're from/if they're an actor, etc: Calmando Qual/Twisted Clock

Age: 30
Job/Occupation: Hibiki is a con artist and a damn good one. He's a frequent gambler and he's infamous for his bareknuckle fights, most of which he does win. He's built like a small brick house and he's got a lot of power and he's incredibly intelligent despite his lower class upbringing and living. He lives as a man by day and by night... an animal. He is also a werewolf.
Personality: Hibiki was raised lower class all around but the one good thing that was handed to him in life was that his father passed the werewolf gene to him. He has taken that and he's fearless. There's lore of werewolves all around, half man, half beast and he embraces in the fear. He's not afraid to run through the city's worst parts, not afraid of being spotted. In fact he enjoys it if he's spotted and the next day the newspaper tells of the story of a hideous creature seen running through the lesser walked alleyways and streets at night. He's come to be a feared man in the fact that he has anger problems that make him lash out and he often ends up sitting out a couple of days or a week in Scottland Yard's holding cells. He fears nothing, not even death. He's blunt and to the point and can be an asshole in that manner. He says what he thinks and thinks what he says. He'll call the pot or kettle black when he sees fit to point out someone's wrong doing and if someone crosses him on debts they owe him due to a won fight or gambling session he'll force them to pay up using his extreme brute force and scaring the living shit out of them. He lives in society's deemed "wayward" walks. He attends the lower class theatre for the often provocative shows put on. He's dedicated his life to the dark forces behind dark magick and he breathes it. It's a well known and feared fact that he practices in the dark magick that everyone fears. He likes to strike fears in the hearts of the pure. And he loves taking what's pure and debauching it, taking away its purity.
A Little History/Background: He was orphaned at a young age when his parents, whom were part of the upper class society in England, were found and charged with the practice of dark arts and hung. He watched their deaths and he made it his life's ambition to make anyone and everyone so afraid of him that he would not meet the same death. His only keepsake is a pendant he wears his father left him. He's a man of the night and he frequently sleeps throughout the day only to come out at night. He looks down at the separation of lower and upper class and wishes to break it. He's lived both worlds and he finds the separation between the two to be redundant and without any true worth. He feels that society should live as one so he takes it upon himself to teach them both lessons to try to bring them together.
Show Me What You Can Do! A Sample Post!: Hibiki tilted his head from one side to the other, cracking the bones there to adjust himself, fists up and dark, mischievous eyes on his opponent. Another stupid man wishing to step into the box and fight him for his title, wishing to show Hibiki was not to be all feared and praised for his winnings. He smirked and as the other approached him, he began to circle around his opponent, ducking swings with precision. His eyesight sharp, he could almost predict every move the opponent made. He made his first strike when the man left his abdomen unguarded, a quick jab to the diaphragm. His fist was hard and pounded with a thrust so rough the other man flew on his back. Hibiki waited for him to stand and they were back at the circling with Hibiki dodging poorly placed jabs.

As the man jabbed forward, Hibiki moved out of the way and brought an elbow down to the center of his back while also shoving a sharp, hard jab into his ribs. The sound of bone breaking was like music to his ears. The man already suffered from a damaged diaphragm and now cracked ribs were added to the list. The man seemed to be out of fight after that and Hibiki served him with a quick, swift kick to the chest and the man was down. He waited, and waited, and when the man no loner tried to get back up but remained lying there with groans escaping him he turned around and his fists shot in the air in glory that he had won, a cheeky grin on his otherwise blank face. He walked around, collecting slips from everyone for his winnings, smirking when names were called at him such as "cheat" and other such nonsense. They were nothing to him. Now it was time to drink. He headed off, grabbing his black shirt on the way out of the boxing square, cocky all the way as he headed up the stairs and into the pub.

Many drinks were going to be had as he indulged in his winnings and his otherwise unbeaten title.

Anything that should be noted specifically about your Muse: Hibiki can control the wolf in him though at times he lets it show in little ways by morphing a hand to a clawed transformation or showing that his eyes do glint evilly in the light as would a wolf's, reflecting it and making the orbs shine eerily. He indulges in much drink and smokes like a chimney. He's all for anything bad for you health and often visits the brothel in the city, though it is branded as against the church but still hasn't been closed down, only to find himself indulging in things that don't quite suit his wishes and tastes but satisfies his need for sex all the same. He's a very predatory and sexual man.

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Re: Hibiki Werewolf Lower Class Bloke

Post  Sakurai on Fri Aug 26, 2011 12:23 pm

bow down in position against the polished steel
this is something different you'll like the way this feels
no time for asking questions no time for wondering
we've heard enough from you now we've heard everything
we're going to play a new game you'll put on this blindfold
you'll do what we tell you you'll do as your told


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