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Emilie Autumn The Theatre Performer Upper Class

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Emilie Autumn The Theatre Performer Upper Class

Post  Emilie Autumn on Fri Aug 26, 2011 6:40 pm

Mun Information

Name: B, Bella, October, Toby
Messenger/Email: Check other apps.
Anything Else?: She's such a drama queen.

Muse Information

Name: Emilie Autumn
Band they're from/if they're an actor, etc: Emilie Autumn, musician

Age: 20
Job/Occupation: She is part of upper class society but she performs at the theatre. She performs her music and she acts in dramas and tragedies. She's an actress and musician. She's the Queen of Wayward Girls. Her family tried to put her in the Asylum for melancholia and most importantly manic depression. She managed to escape on her way in there and she's lived on her own since, being a thief to make her way up to upper class society.
Personality: Emilie is an incredible drama queen. She is great at rendering someone completely occupied while she slips money from them and valuables. She's enchanting, through and through. She colors her hair with pigment so it's an unnatural shade of cherry pink-red and she wears it elegantly. She is all about performance and drama. She is eccentric in this Victorian era, creating her own clothing. She doesn't dress like any other Victorian woman. She completely edits her clothing so it's her style. She is an individual. Which, in this era is not usual. She's a thinker, a writer and an artist. She's a very independent woman which is not usual for the Victorian era. She's aware she's not the usual bread and butter of women and she carries herself with pride on that. Is there someone suited for her? She doesn't know but if you're a man don't expect her to pull your weight in a relationship.
A Little History/Background: She broke from free from the men who were taking her to the Asylum, leaving her family behind at 16. She used her intelligence, beauty and uniqueness to get by. She may appear harmless but don't cross her. She's an expert at sword fencing and she always has a blade on her and she is lightning quick. She is fearless.
Show Me What You Can Do! A Sample Post!: Emilie would like to remain more of a secret so no sample post for her.

Anything that should be noted specifically about your Muse: Emilie is aware of all creatures that exist in this world. She knows vampires, werewolves, demons, ghosts, etc, etc all exist. She is not afraid of any. She reads about them, studies them and she doesn't show any fear ever in the face of any.
Emilie Autumn
Emilie Autumn

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Re: Emilie Autumn The Theatre Performer Upper Class

Post  Sakurai on Fri Aug 26, 2011 6:42 pm

bow down in position against the polished steel
this is something different you'll like the way this feels
no time for asking questions no time for wondering
we've heard enough from you now we've heard everything
we're going to play a new game you'll put on this blindfold
you'll do what we tell you you'll do as your told


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