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Mary Magdalan Pity Girl Asylum Escapee Taken Up Refuge in the Brothel

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Mary Magdalan Pity Girl Asylum Escapee Taken Up Refuge in the Brothel

Post  Mary Magdalan on Sun Aug 28, 2011 8:24 pm

Mun Information

Name: October, Toby, B, Bella
Messenger/Email: check first apps
Anything Else?: Mary cannot be controlled!

Muse Information

Name: Maryjane Magdalan
Band they're from/if they're an actor, etc: Mary Magdalan, rock/rap star

Age: 23
Job/Occupation: Sells herself as a whore at the brothel to get money for her drug addiction, can often be found in the Opium Dens spending the money
Personality: Mary depends on Opium to get her through her day. If she's not high, she's not happy. She's an addict and she'll admit it. She likes sex a little too much which is what brought her to the brothel. She smokes cigarettes and she's all around a gritty girl. The streets were her refuge when she broke out of the Asylum and remain to be her grounds. She's manic depressive but she doesn't like the medications and the observation of the Asylum. She will never go back. She always carries a blade on her to protect herself in the streets and she hates the "women must be seen and not heard" ideal of the Victorian age. She makes her own clothing out of what she likes and she dresses in such a way that is not normal for women in this age. She finds corsets to be stifling but she wears them anyway but always manages to find a way to make her clothing unique like her. She's constantly coloring her hair with pigments and is often seen with multi colored hair. Many men find her filthy mouth attractive. She's not afraid to say what she has to say and if that means cussing a bit then fine. Her family locked her up when she was just 13 and she lived in The Asylum until she was 20 and finally had enough of the place to formulate her own break out plan. She's a wild card. You never know what you're going to get from her or what kind of attitude she'll give you. She hears voices and smokes the Opium to calm the voices and make them go away. It's all a part of her disease. She can be found on certain days of the week in confession, confessing her sins. She's not religious by any means but she confesses her sins in case the Virgin Mary will have pity for her and do something for her. She goes by Mary and hates being called Maryjane.
A Little History/Background: Mary has suffered from manic depression since she was young. She would often scar herself with broken glass or anything sharp she could find. It was her way of dealing with her problems. She's heard voices since she was a young girl and they've only gotten worse over the years. When she was 10 she sneaked her way into an Opium den and has been hooked ever since. In The Asylum she caused the most problems and was usually restrained. She would spit in the faces of the doctors and nurses there, not afraid to use her own feces and urine to protect herself from their ways, throwing it in their faces. She did anything she could to survive and was marked as a high risk patient until her escape which took careful planning and everything fell into place so she could be free of the prison her parents locked her in at 13 years of age. She's talented in writing and often writes to soothe herself.
Show Me What You Can Do! A Sample Post!: Mary laughed as she ran, being chased by police from the Scotland Yard. She had stolen something very valuable from a shop and had been caught but she knew these streets better than they did and she knew she would lose her tail before returning to the brothel. It didn't matter if they knew where to find her because they would never find the item she had stolen, not after today. Her long, wavy hair flew behind her as she ran, colored some of the strangest colors anyone in this era had seen. She shoved through crowds and then took a quick shortcut through a snug alley, disappearing from sight. She watched the police run by, shouting to each other about which way it was she went. She smirked and look down at her hands where she held a very precious ring. She clenched it tight and made her way down the rest of the alley.

She had someone she sold to and she got more than a good cut from the items she stole. She didn't mind putting her neck on the line for him. He was powerful, he'd protect his goods and she was one of them. She was just one thief out of many that worked for him, the streets no longer safe, the shops a picking ground. She licked her lips as she entered the home he lived in and worked from and she set the ring on the table in front of him. "Worth more than my life," She said with a smirk. The man chuckled and nodded, motioning to one of the men around him to pay her. She took the bills and flicked through them and satisfied, winked. "Call me when ya need me next. You know where to find me," She said. "My sticky fingers are always yours to use. Pleasure doing business, as always," She said on her way out, sassy step in her walk. Her stockings had rips in them, her skirt short and her boots with a higher heel than the other women. She tucked the money into the crevice of her breasts, pushed up by the corset.

"Life is good," She mused as she headed to the Opium den. "Life is great," She repeated, smirking the entire way. She couldn't wait to lead the police on another wild goose chase.

Anything that should be noted specifically about your Muse: She's not just any girl. In fact, she's not like any other girl in this era. She's wild, she's uncontrollable. If you think you can control her, she'll give you a chance to prove you wrong.
Mary Magdalan
Mary Magdalan

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Re: Mary Magdalan Pity Girl Asylum Escapee Taken Up Refuge in the Brothel

Post  Sakurai on Sun Aug 28, 2011 8:35 pm

bow down in position against the polished steel
this is something different you'll like the way this feels
no time for asking questions no time for wondering
we've heard enough from you now we've heard everything
we're going to play a new game you'll put on this blindfold
you'll do what we tell you you'll do as your told


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