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Closing Up, Late Night Visitor [Open]

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Closing Up, Late Night Visitor [Open]

Post  -gene- on Sun Aug 28, 2011 1:48 pm


gene sighed, wiping down the counter. Her parents had already left, leaving her to finish the cleanup herself. She wanted to be reading, nose in a book, soaking up knowledge but here she was, cleaning up the pub. The last guest had been ushered out when her parents left but she didn't know they had forgotten to lock the door. The moonlight poured in through the windows, lighting the place along with the long burning candles. She paused, running a hand through her long black hair, turning and pressing her back to the bar counter. Her life was so normal since she'd had that run in with that vampire, almost being turned. She almost longed for one of the creatures to come to her again. She wanted something interesting to happen, something for her to study, to learn from. She had no idea what else could exist since she'd found out that vampires, the very object of folk lore was real. Quite possibly all of them could exist.

She pushed off the counter and went into the back, getting her book. Her parents wouldn't mind her being late. She came back and opened the book to her saved place and placed it on the counter, leaning against the counter and beginning to read again. She was now reading about werewolves. She chewed her bottom lip, eyes scanning the text. It gave her shivers, the text, for the night was a full moon night. She read about how werewolves were controlled by the full moon. It was interesting, intriguing. She was so enthralled in her book she didn't even hear the door open or the rustle of someone entering inside. She wasn't aware she wasn't alone anymore until they cleared their throat and she looked up, eyes wide from the small fright she was given.

"Oh," She smiled, recognizing him as one of the regulars. "We're closed but if you'd like I could serve you a drink or two," She said softly, brushing her hair back again. "It's just me here," She said, sighing. "I was supposed to be cleaning but I guess you see what I'd rather be doing," She said with a little laugh.

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