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After Work Drinks [Open]

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After Work Drinks [Open]

Post  Hirosuke on Sun Aug 28, 2011 4:10 pm

Hirosuke sighed heavily as he set himself heavily down in the chair. The pub was full but he was used to that. It was a long, hard day at work at the hospital, the morgue seemingly over run with bodies. There were killers on the loose and he had no idea what the Yard was doing about it. He was busy doing the autopsies to check into what the police were doing to check into these murders. Each body he autopsied and found the direct cause of death for there was at least three or four different killers running the streets. It was getting worse and his rule was not to take work home with him but here he was, sitting in the pub and downing his drink, concerned about the citizens of England. There wasn't much he could do but report his findings and do another damn autopsy while the bodies continued to pile up in the morgue.

He rested his forehead in his palm, chin propped on the table. He really needed a distraction. Work was getting too stressful. He thought about visiting the brothel but he wasn't sure he'd find quite a distraction there. Sure it would get his mind off of things but would it solve anything? He wasn't so sure. He did miss the warmth of a body next to him, one that wasn't dead. Maybe he would pay a visit there.

His mind so caught up in thought he didn't pay any attention to the other people filling up the pub. If he had, he would have seen the very definition of attractive and desired walk in.

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