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Fighting and Celebrating [Open]

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Fighting and Celebrating [Open] Empty Fighting and Celebrating [Open]

Post  Hibiki on Sat Aug 27, 2011 2:10 pm

Hibiki watched his opponent with steady eyes, sweat beading on his skin. He knew it was kind of unfair for someone like him, a werewolf with superior strength, to get into the ring to fight with just everyday humans but he couldn't help it, he was addicted to the fight, the adrenaline rush and winning. Especially winning. He smirked, his dark eyes twinkling as he eyed his opponent and his opponent sized him up. Hibiki wasn't of a very tall stature but was he was built well and definitely strong. The opponent seemed to be looking for a weakness, some weak spot in his stance, his circling. Seeming to find one, the man took a swing and Hibiki ducked, landing a sharp jab into his ribs. He smirked as he backed off, the other man bent over, holding his side, glaring at Hibiki. Touched a nerve, have we? he thought with a grin. The other man came at him then, quick and fast and without thought and Hibiki slammed his fists into either side of the other man's neck right by his ears and then placed a swift kick to his chest, knocking him back.

"Oh come on!" He hollered, rolling his eyes. "You've got to have better game than that, man," He said, shaking his head and putting up his fists again. The other man tried another charge and Hibiki twirled out of the way and landed a sharp shoulder into his back and then shoved the man back away from him. "You're coming at me as if you're blind!" He said, brows furrowed. "Come on now, make it at least a bit of a struggle to win, man," He said, taunting the other and that seemed to do it as he came at him swinging. Hibiki quickly moved out of the way of each swing and landed a jab to his jaw followed by a jab to the center of his chest and another harder jab to his jaw, fully dislocating it and he caught his arm within his hands and twisted, popping his shoulder out of place and then let the man fall to the ground. Hibiki chuckled, nudging the man with his boot. "You getting up?" He asked, brow arching, watching as the man tried to nurse every injury. "S'what I thought," He chuckled, turning around to face the crowd, fists shoved into the air. He then went around collecting the notes that were bet. It was his win, it was his winnings. He grabbed his shirt and pushed out of the ring, ignoring the sounds of those whom had lost their bets booing him. It was like this all the time. They never seemed to learn to be for him. They always seemed to hold out that he would lose at least one match.

He quickly climbed the wooden stairs and was out on the streets within moments, pockets stuffed with notes. He had half a mind to go to the brothel and fuck away some of his winnings but the other half of his mind wanted to get drunk. He wandered the streets until he found the nearest pub and entered, his shirt buttoned but not all the way, leaving some of his chest visible. The werewolf was jolly, happy, he enjoyed his lifestyle. He slid onto a stool at the bar and snapped his fingers, signaling the woman behind the bar. She came over to him and he placed a note down, nodding his head. "I want as many beers that this gets me.... please," He said, smirking. The girl rolled her eyes and went to fetch him what he asked for as he turned on his stool to eye the crowd. He was searching for something in particular to wet his other tastebuds. Something that was fair, with a slight bit of innocence. He wanted to do something filthy tonight.

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