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Sana Nymphomaniac Wayward Girl Befitting The Asylum But Fighting It

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Sana Nymphomaniac Wayward Girl Befitting The Asylum But Fighting It

Post  Sana on Thu Aug 25, 2011 8:45 pm

Mun Information

Name: B, Bella, Toby, October
Messenger/Email: Check my other apps
Anything Else?: Ah, a Wayward Girl

Muse Information

Name: Sana
Band they're from/if they're an actor, etc: Mask, solo

Age: 17
Job/Occupation: She's born to an English father and a Japanese mother, born into upper class society but she disgraces the name. From early on in pre-adolescence and in her adolescence Sana had developed a condition the doctor's have yet to name. She broke her sacred vow of virginity at age 13 and since then has found ways to sneak out, undermine her parents and their servants, and find that scratch that calms the itch. Her parents are saddened by her condition but they almost refuse to admit her to The Asylum for fear of what it would do to the family name to have one of their own locked up. Sana began suffering from her condition as such an early age because her eldest sibling, a son from her father's first marriage that ended with his wife's death, whom was her age when it happened had consistently molested and raped her from age 10 when she had begun to develop into a woman to age 13 when he was sent away to handle the family business in another sprawling Victorian city. So her condition developed at the very age he was sent away and she wasn't given the same attention she had had for three whole years, her body begun to depend on.
Personality: Sana has a lot of sass and she is often reprimanded for her smart mouth by her father. She is consistently slapped for smarting off or locked in her room, the very room of which has begun to be her prison, a prison of which she has found sly ways of escaping from. She prefers the comfort of the lower class, often wandering into dangerous places in search of dangerous men. Danger gives her satisfaction. She finds life as an upper class citizen to be too cushy and she can't stand it, being waited on hand and foot. She is often known to go without her bloomers, preferring the freedom of easy access beneath the bustle of skirts. She loves the corsets she's consistently tied up in, finding the binding to be attractive to the males she often seeks company of, buxom breasts pushed up to verging falling out of the very corset she wears. She knows her parents are on nails with sending her to The Asylum, a place where Wayward girls like her get help and knows they fear it for what it will do to the family name so she knows she can practically get away with murder. She's the only daughter that her parents have not secured a marriage for though her sister, one year younger than her, has already been engaged in an arranged marriage. Her parents prefer to marry her to another good name but she hardly pays any attention to it, often sneaking off and disappearing when she is meant to meet a potential suitor. She has no mind for it and doesn't care the pain it brings to her family. She much prefers the grittiness of the lower class, enjoying their company above all else.
A Little History/Background: Sana's mother was nothing but a servant that served her father, a servant whom her father fell in love with whilst mourning the death of his first wife. Sana was born not too much after they were married and grew up with an older step sister and brother. A younger sister came around the very year after she was born. She has history of walking the streets where the lower class live, seducing men and spending the night in their beds before disappearing before they wake in the morning. She feels that no one is fit to tie her down. She doesn't feel that she has met any man with the guts and control to tie her down. She feels that the men her parents wish her to marry are pushovers and that the men she meets in the lower class streets are good for one night but not meant to get attached to. She doesn't mind, she is sure a life of solitude is what is meant for her but she's always waiting to be proved differently.
Show Me What You Can Do! A Sample Post!: Sana huffed as she tried to dress herself, without the help of a servant. There had to be some trick to tying up your own corset. She rolled her eyes at herself in her struggle, stopping only when she heard a knock on her bedroom door, also known as her prison cell door. She looked over and thought for a moment then called, "Enter!" and was slightly satisfied to see a servant there though this servant had come to check she was still there; which she wouldn't be as soon as she got the woman to tie her up in the corset and ushered her out. "You," She said, dropping her hands. "Help me into this corset," She said, rolling her eyes and blowing a strand of ebony hair from her face. The woman idled in the doorway for a moment before coming over as soon as Sana sent a glare her direction.

"Miss Sana," The woman said as she began to help Sana with the corset. "If you are intending to leave I shall be punished," She said quietly, tying Sana in tight, as tight as she could which was the way Sana liked it. Sana liked to be tied into her corsets so tight it was difficult to breathe, such is the way of a masochist. She smirked her pretty plump lips and shrugged bared shoulders. She wore a dress of her own design, one that fell off the shoulders and had little strands of pearls decorating the little straps that sat on her upper arms, leaving her arms completely bare of any type of sleeve. The corset accented the beautiful red dress, the pearls black ones. The corset was made to match with black pearls dripping along the bust and black lace covering the deep red.

"Just tell them it's not your fault. 'Miss Sana was in the room when I checked, Sir,' is all you have to say," She huffed, inhaling deeply as she was cinched even tighter, her hands holding onto the large bedpost in front of her. She was cinched in tightly on more time, this time harder, surely for her insolence and that it would come down on the servants head but Sana could care less and the tightness of the corset made her feel beautiful and desirable.

"You know that never works," The servant hissed and Sana turned once she knew the servant was done tying the ribbon on the corset, slapping the servant. "I don't care if it works, woman. You'll do it and say you've no idea where I've gone. Do you think I really care about what shit befalls you on my part? Let me answer for you: no, I do not. They think they can cage me in and control me by locking me in this prison of a room and only bringing me out when it suits them best well they're wrong!" Her voice was slightly elevated, her brows furrowed, eyes angry. "I do not care what happens to you. I have my own agenda and plans and I'll stick to them. Now go, get your little nose out of my damn business where it doesn't belong and serve my family. You've done well with the corset, thank you," Her words were filled with ice and the servant shivered before quietly rushing out of the room with a muttered bitch on her last breath before exiting. Sana smirked, hands on hips and turned to look in the full body mirror at herself. She was adorned with matching black pearl jewelry and she felt she looked stunning. She ran her pointed tongue over her lips, the rouge painted on them deep and blood red just like the dress. She smirked again and quickly found her secret exit out of her prison cell to be free upon the streets of England.

Anything that should be noted specifically about your Muse: Sana suffers from a condition that is not yet documented but is observed in The Asylum. She refuses to go and she knows it is one option her parents are looking at for her but she would rather be lost and run away from home than admitted to such a place of horrors. She embraces that she's a Wayward girl through and through.

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Re: Sana Nymphomaniac Wayward Girl Befitting The Asylum But Fighting It

Post  Sakurai on Fri Aug 26, 2011 12:23 pm

bow down in position against the polished steel
this is something different you'll like the way this feels
no time for asking questions no time for wondering
we've heard enough from you now we've heard everything
we're going to play a new game you'll put on this blindfold
you'll do what we tell you you'll do as your told


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