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Ichiro Awaiting Company [Open]

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Ichiro Awaiting Company [Open] Empty Ichiro Awaiting Company [Open]

Post  Ichiro on Sat Aug 27, 2011 3:24 pm

Petticoat Ichiro Awaiting Company [Open] 003012_01
Lingerie Top Ichiro Awaiting Company [Open] 003536_01

Ichiro lay across the bed, head hanging off the other side so the room was upside down. Pretty feet swung side to side over the other edge of the bed and he sighed. Dreaming was his favorite past time and here he was, staring at an upside down room dreaming of what could be, what could have been... A better world. A world he didn't have to give himself up to just any man who came through wanting his company, his sex, taking from him and then leaving him. Sure he got paid good money, sure he was taken care of but he didn't like sleeping with just anyone who came around. He wished he could have saved himself for someone special. He closed his eyes, fingers twirling the taffeta of the petticoat he wore around them. The black material was fluffy, poofy, and made him look fuller than he was. He really was a thin boy. He ate but he never stopped being so thin.

He sighed, humming softly to himself, a song he had heard sung somewhere, he didn't know. In his mind, images of a better world zipped through it. A better life. A life where he was respected and wanted by one man, one man who cherished him, saw that he was special and wanted him not just for his body but because he was actually a little smart despite his place in society, who loved that he was a dreamer, who adored him. He sighed again and looked over at the feline lounging on the bed next to him. She was pretty and he loved her. He watched her, wondering. He was pretty, why didn't anyone love him? His brows furrowed and he sat up, kicking his feet now back and forth, looking down at them. He didn't like to wear shoes unless he had to. He liked being barefoot. He liked being himself.

Of course, to the clients he had to be what they wanted and often that was not a sweet, young, smart boy with dreams and desires; it was a sex hungry boy with no mind and just the ability to follow orders. He was so much more than that he just could hardly wait for someone who saw that in him. He bit his lip and got up from the bed, moving to the window. He opened it, letting the warmth from outside wander in, looking down at the streets bustling with people. He wondered what it was like to be normal, like them, and not locked away in a room awaiting a client. He chewed his lip. He wanted to run away but he didn't know any other life than this really. He needed help. Oh, if only someone could help him. He moved away from the window and collapsed across the fainting couch, back of his hand pressed to his forehead. If only, if only...

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